Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Friday

The stripes brigade:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away ...

A few more pictures from our excursion into the rain last week. We've been deluged every day for about a week straight, and at this point, we had to get out of the house.

Everyone's new rain boots fit perfectly. Even mine.

Now could the weather please dry up, before CC's party next weekend?!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birthday Recap

Birthday number 4 was a success! Unfortunately it rained all day (that's been standard lately), but nothing could dampen CC's spirits.

She marched right up to our priest before Mass and announced that it was her birthday, and could she please carry the book for Children's Church? She's almost always last in the kids' parade, so I didn't even realize she knew that the child who carries the book (the Lectionary) holds it up high as they lead the other children out the back of the church. But as soon as the priest gave it to her (saying, "I think this book is bigger than she is!" to much laughter), she hoisted it up high and speed-walked down the aisle. I was so proud of her! MJ and I could barely suppress our giggles as we watched her tiny ponytail bounce by.

For dinner, she requested her favorite restaurant (no surprise). She was quick to tell our server that it was her birthday, so after we'd finished eating, he brought a cake with candles and a group of other servers to sing to her. She burst into tears at the sight of them! We ended up just boxing up the cake and bringing it home. The poor server was just trying to be nice -- he felt awful!

But by the time we returned home, she had recovered and was excited about her presents. Her gift from us was a big girl swing for the swingset, which I'd put up (in the rain) during her nap. She was so excited, even though she couldn't swing on it!

After cake, we measured her -- 37.5 inches.

Then we watched the beginning of Cars. The kids have only seen Frozen before, so they were pretty excited to see a new movie! We'll finish it some other time.

At bedtime, CC said it was the "best birthday ever." Now for the party next weekend ...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Renovation Week 11

We had constant rain this week, so unfortunately no exterior work could be done. However, we made quite a bit of progress indoors! Specifically, in the bathroom. The tile is completely done:

I love the look. We're going for a black-and-white color scheme, with little retro touches like the hexagonal floor tile.

I'm working on the paint color that will go in the bedrooms and hallway. It'll be a shade of gray, but there are so many shades of gray, and I want to make sure what I pick actually looks gray in every room (instead of bluish or beige). This is tougher than I expected, but hoepfully I'll have a decision this week.

Also on the schedule this week: the shower glass is ordered, the vanity arrives, the siding is completed, and the bedroom and closet doors arrive. Fingers crossed that everything happens as planned!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, CC!

Huge birthday hugs to our CC! Four years ago today, you came screaming into our lives, and we're still reeling -- with love, of course!

You are such an amazing little personality, dear CC. Your spunk and intelligence are unmistakable, and getting more remarkable as you grow. You're a bright ray of sunshine in our lives; you make us laugh every day; you combine the best of both of us.

You want to mother everyone, Sweet Pea most of all (and it isn't always appreciated). You even try to mother me, as you did yesterday when I had a migraine and you were the most considerate and worried child I've ever seen. My heart melts to see that your idea of mothering is the type of mother I aspire to be.

You're smart as a whip. Your emotional intelligence and ability to sense others' feelings is uncanny. You're a button pusher and a spitfire, and I have no doubt that someday you will rule the world -- your world, at least.

You are starting to outgrow naps, as you remind me almost daily. Your ability to negotiate is likely unparalleled in the history of four-year-olds. Surprisingly, you dislike mac n cheese and rice krispie treats (how are you related to me?!). You are oh-so-close to reading and riding your bike.

This year you will become even more independent, and that's bittersweet. I am both excited and nostalgic, seeing you grow. And selfishly, I'm glad you've learned the benefits of a good cuddle.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bedtime Prayer

CC's bedtime prayer last night:

"Dear God. It's my birthday in two days. So ... thanks for that. Amen."

Can you tell that a certain almost-4-year-old is completely fixated on Sunday?!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo Friday

April showers bring May flowers ... and lots of puddles for the kids to stomp in!