Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tough Times

Yesterday we drove MJ to work, so that after I dropped the kids off at school, I could take his car to get new tires put on (he's been driving around on a donut for the last two weeks). The morning went very smoothly. The appointment was on time; I was able to run errands on foot while the tires were being installed; I even had enough time afterwards to get the inspection done on his car before picking Sweet Pea and Little Man up from preschool. I was pretty proud of myself.

Then I got to the front of the carpool line, and realized I was still in MJ's car. Which has no carseats. I was no longer patting myself on the back for having my act together.

Fortunately, a good friend was able to stay and watch the twins play on the preschool playground while I drove home and switched cars. Then it was home and down for (late) naps.

After dinner, we got in the car to go pick up MJ from work. We drove through a massive storm to get there. You know, the kind where your windshield wipers are going as fast as they can, and you still can't see anything? Thunder was booming, lightning was crackling, the kids were freaking out, and I was crawling along the highway towards MJ's office at 10  miles an hour.

Eventually we all got home, none the worse for the wear, and walked in the door ... to see that Rory had absolutely destroyed the laundry room. I'd forgotten that as she's gotten older, she's become more and more upset during storms, especially when we're not home. Confined to the laundry room, she ravaged everything she could get her paws on. She'd dragged the giant bin of OxiClean out of the closet and shredded it, spreading white powder inches deep across the floor. She (somehow?) snapped in half our wooden rail of hooks for the kids' coats and bags, ripping the straps off CC's new backpack in the process. (That rail was installed in the studs of the wall, so don't ask me how she did that!) And then, just for fun, she peed all over the place, and apparently spent the rest of the time tracking pee-soaked OxiClean all over every inch of the floor, the kids' bags, and her own bed.

I momentarily thought about taking a picture of the chaos, but was too discouraged. Seeing streaks of blood on the floor, I felt awful for the panic Rory must have felt. But to be honest, I mostly felt sorry for myself, cleaning such a complete disaster.

Anyway, thank goodness for teamwork. MJ wrangled the kids upstairs and into bed while I tackled the disaster downstairs. It's mostly done now. I was able to stitch up CC's backpack to a reasonably functional facsimile of what it used to be. A new rail of hooks has been ordered. And a Thunder Shirt for Rory will arrive tomorrow-- thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Day

Preschool picture day dawned rainy and miserable, but Little Man and Sweet Pea donned their outfits optimistically. And, as luck would have it, the rain stopped just long enough for the photographer to get their pictures, according to the teachers. I'll see in a few weeks whether there are any keepers.

Unfortunately, I forgot to request that the twins take some pictures together, so I snapped this one after school.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Sweet Pea and Little Man have started gymnastics classes, at the same gym where they enjoyed camp so much this past summer. They're doing well, and I'm impressed at what they can do even just after a few sessions.

Sweet Pea loves her new gymnastics leotard (even though it's a bit big on her -- it's impossible to find 2T or 3T leotards). And Little Man seems to not mind that he just wears regular clothes to class.

No, Sweet Pea has not grown 5 inches in the last month; she's airborne in this picture!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Photo Friday

A rare picture of the elusive two-headed adorabeetle.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Labor Day Festival

On Labor Day, we went to a surprisingly large festival in a nearby suburb. There was a car and motorcycle show, bounce houses, rides, tons of food, vendor with freebies, pony rides, a petting zoo, arts and crafts ... I was amazed! 

The kids saw and sat in a car from 1923. (CC loved it because it looked a little bit like a Cinderella coach.)

Little Man jumped at the opportunity to ride a pony again, and got a kick out of the pony's name: Hank. Little Man was full of smiles while riding ... except when I took a picture.

CC surprised us all by actually getting on a pony this time! In the past she's always talked a big game, but has chickened out at the last minute. But she told me afterwards, "Now I know I like riding ponies, so I'll want to ride them all the time!"

Sweet Pea preferred horses of the carousel variety.

After sharing some chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, it was time to head home. We missed the parade, but we'll hit it for sure next year. I think this will become a Labor Day tradition with the Morrisons!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekend Outing

Last weekend my parents stopped by for a night, on their way back from a vacation. We planned to go apple picking with them -- the perfect fall activity. I had visions of homemade applesauce simmering in the crock pot, apple crisp for dessert, apple cobbler for breakfast.

Well, it was not in the cards. Thanks to a late frost back in April, the apple crop in these parts was meager this year, and the last apple orchard closed its doors to the public the day we planned to go. This was especially disappointing, considering last year we were rained out (three weekends in a row) and didn't get to go, either. Maybe next year.

Anyway, in lieu of apple picking, we opted to visit an animal rescue/sanctuary nearby that's exclusively for birds of prey. It just opened a new kids' play area, so it seemed a perfect solution.

The birds were interesting to see, although hard to photograph. But we enjoyed meandering through the preserve, seeing all kinds of owls, vultures, eagles, falcons, hawks, etc. And the kids, naturally, had fun playing in the bird-themed hands-on play area.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Photo Friday

An impromtu snapshot that ended up being a keeper!