Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vacation Bible School

This year is the first time Sweet Pea and Little Man are old enough to participate in our parish's Vacation Bible School, and it was a smashing success all around. The theme was "God's Dude Ranch" and everything was inspired by the Wild West.

No, I did not get the week "off" -- I volunteered at VBS, so I worked the whole time the kids were there. But it ran smoothly, and it was really fun to see the kids throughout the day. (Note to self: in future summers, sign the kids up for VBS at another church the week after ours so I can have a break!)

Sweet Pea got really caught up in the theme, and insisted on wearing her cowgirl skirt and boots on Friday. Coincidentally, it really matched the VBS shirts well!

The Morrison family had a lucky winner: Little Man correctly guessed the number of tiny streamers in a bottle (107), and won a set of little Disney figures. CC was more excited than he was; she kept yelling, "I can't believe he won!! Can you even believe it, Mommy?!" The toys don't interest Little Man very much, so he has been benevolently doling them out to his sisters and loving the attention it generates.

VBS culminated in a country-music show on Friday. The kids were thrilled to see MJ and Miss Alice in the audience too! Interesting note: the girl standing next to CC, wearing pink shorts, is totally blind (that's why she's not following along with the motions most of the time; she can't see the counselors demonstrating). But she had a great time at VBS and was able to fully participate, thanks to her own dedicated counselor.

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CC was teary when it was over, but made sweet farewell cards for her counselors.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Photo Friday

Modeling the shirts Grandma and Grandpa brought them from their world cruise!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lego Creator

Little Man has become interested (okay, obsessed) with a few things this year. Until recently, he didn't really have any toys he couldn't live without, or characters he strongly identified with. But then he discovered Star Wars, and my previously uninterested little boy fell hook, line and sinker. At this point his knowledge of Star Wars vastly surpasses mine, so I just take his four-year-old word for it. The Ewoks live on the moon of Endor? Sure, I suppose. Darth Vader was born on Tatooine? Whatever you say.

And now his interest has spread to Legos. This, I love. Not that I'm against his Star Wars obsession; it's fine, and I'm glad he found something he's passionate about. But Legos inspire him to create, and they even develop his fine motor skills. Awesome! We've encouraged it by providing him some Star Wars Lego figures, and now most of Little Man's spare time is spent building vehicles for them.

In the last month, his Lego-building abilities have dramatically improved. His free-built creations used to be just an amalgam of attached pieces with a figure sitting on top. But now, wow! They're complex; every piece has a purpose (which he will happily tell you all about); they're symmetrical ... I can't get over it. What a leap for Little Man! I'm really proud of him.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day

What a great weekend! We stretched it into a 3-day celebration, which was fine with everyone involved. It all started Friday, when MJ suggested we take the kids to a movie theater for the first time. We saw Cars 3, and it was a hit! The kids have been talking about Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm ever since. And how much they love movie theater popcorn.

Saturday morning we went for a hike in a nature preserve. It was especially nice for me to be hiking with my family on Fathers Day weekend, thinking about my own dad, hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire somewhere. Of course his hiking would have been considerably less comfortable. And much longer.

Today was great too. Special thanks to the kids for sleeping in this morning and behaving very well at Mass. Afterwards we showered him with gifts. The kids gave him five Terminator water guns, for many future family water fights. And my gift to him, to the giggles of the kids, was about 12 pairs of aviator sunglasses (since he constantly loses his).

Then we headed out to a baseball game. For fathers day, our local minor league team lets dads play catch with their kids on the field before the game. What a cool experience!

Happy fathers day, MJ! We love you, and it was wonderful doing so many special things with you this weekend! 

Special fathers day blessings and love to Grandpa and Pepere, too!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Photo Friday

Sweet Pea was a puppy in a very complicated game of "Veterinarian."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Own Water Slide

Karen and Patrick recently bought their boys an inflatable water slide, and when I saw a video of how much fun Braxton and Bryson were having with it, I knew we had to have one for our trio! (The smaller size was the most desirable feature, after Little Man and Sweet Pea's less-than-positive experience with a giant inflatable water slide at their end-of-school party a few weeks ago.)

We set it up and invited our friend Mia over for some watery fun. And yes, it was just as fun as it looked!

Yes, the girls were full-out jumping from the top of it. Sweet Pea went down face-first. Even Little Man temporarily forgot how much he hates being splashed or sprayed. This slide will get a lot of use this summer, that's for sure. It might even play a starring role at a certain birthday party in August!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Strawberry Picking

We've been wanting to go strawberry picking for weeks now, but life keeps getting in the way! I thought we'd missed out on the season at this point, so I was excited to hear that a local strawberry farm would remain open one more morning. Hooray! We packed up a lunch and headed out.

It was hot, so we didn't last too long. We picked less than half a basket, but that's a success considering the heat and the amount of complaining coming from a specific male child of mine.

Happily, there was more to do than just swelter in the strawberry fields. There was a fun (and shaded!) play area with all kinds of unique things to do. Like a three-person pedaling merry-go-round, all kinds of cool swings, and even a zip line!

Sweet Pea, as usual, was the bravest and the only one who'd try some of the neat swings. She was also the first one do to the zip line, although CC and eventually Little Man tried it after watching her for a while.

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