Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures on a Train

This past weekend was Hayden's 2nd birthday party, take two. MJ thought it'd be fun for him to take CC on the train to get there, while I drove with Sweet Pea and Little Man. So on Saturday morning, we got all packed up and I dropped them off at the train station. CC was beside herself with excitement!

Three hours later, Sweet Pea and Little Man and I picked them up on the other end. The timing was pretty perfect -- we arrived at the same time the train did, because we'd stopped for lunch -- and everyone was happy.

MJ took pictures to document the trip:

Very excited to have boarded!

Eating lunch while watching the world whizz by.

MJ packed lots of activities for the ride!

Next time, it will be Little Man's turn, although who knows when that will be? As for Hayden's birthday party -- it was fabulous, and there will be pictures coming soon!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Friday

Enjoying a gorgeous afternoon this week, when we were blessed with unseasonably warm weather. We finally tried the sidewalk paint that's been in our garage for a while now (CC calls it "sideways paint").

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Whew! We're better -- I think -- assuming there isn't some kind of relapse. Over twenty-four hours now, vomit-free. To celebrate, CC actually got dressed for the first time in three days. And we took a walk to get some fresh air. Aaaah. Mommy was going a little stir-crazy.

To help distract the kids from how miserable they've felt these last few days, we've been letting them watch a little TV. This is a change from the norm around here, but it seemed to really help them calm down, rest on the couch (tucked in with a pillow and blanket), and be slightly less unhappy. Unfortunately, now CC apparently thinks it's her God-given right to watch TV whenever she wants. There have already been several tantrums about it today, but hopefully in another day or so, we will be back in the swing of things.

Tomorrow she'll be back at school and Sweet Pea and Little Man will go to the gym and the library. We hope to reschedule two playdates we had to cancel this week due to sickness. And slowly, slowly, the gears of our normal schedule will begin to turn.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kids' Museum

We are sick. And by "we," I mean the kids. A stomach bug has laid us low with one fell swoop. I have cleaned up enough vomit and washed enough sets of sheets in the last few days to last a lifetime.

However, before all the sickness and the vomiting and the laundry, there was a wondrous time when we were healthy. And happy. And we went to visit my family for Hayden's second birthday party, and one afternoon my dad and I took the kids to a children's museum.

Little Man was briefly entertained by arranging shapes on a light table:

The kids enjoyed this display, which blew air straight up. There were all kinds of materials you could test to see whether they would fly up into the air. Cupcake wrappers were the winner.

Sweet Pea got up close and personal with a water snake:

There was a room full of interactive toys and displays relating to winter, like this igloo made of milk jugs,

"snowballs" to throw,

a frozen pond to "skate" on,

and big white beanbags to make snowmen out of.

Then we went outside, to the farmyard. We saw alpacas (which made Little Man giggle), a massive steer, a really loud donkey, and some goats wearing coats. There were saddles set up on logs for the kids to climb on, which CC and Little Man enjoyed (Sweet Pea refused). I think this is as close as I'll get to any of my kids on a horse for a long time!

And the kids stood on the livestock scale, which recorded their combined weight as 38.5 kg (84.7 pounds). 

It was a really fun afternoon. The next morning, we went to Dane and Hayden's house in anticipation of the party. Unfortunately, that night Hayden started vomiting. And the next morning CC started complaining that she didn't feel well, either. The party was cancelled, so we packed our car and drove home. We almost made it before the vomiting began ...

Hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon. The party has been rescheduled for next weekend, so stay tuned for all the details!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Photo Friday

The kids inside an "igloo" made of empty milk jugs (at a local museum, where there was a kids' exhibit all about winter). A fun afternoon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fishie Heaven

Back in September, in CC's first week of preschool, one of the most exciting things that happened was the arrival of their class fish, which they named Sharkey.

Yesterday, on our way home from school, CC informed me that they had two new fish: Stripey and Lightning McQueen.

"What happened to Sharkey?" I asked.

"He dived," said CC.

"Dived?" I said, smiling.

"Yes, he dived. He's in heaven now, and God feeds him every day."

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Personalities

It's been a while since I did a post talking about the kids' personalities and interests, so I thought I'd fill you in on the BIG little personalities developing in the Morrison house.

CC is three. That about sums it up! She's smart as a whip, both academically and inter-personally. This last skill, especially, can be used for either good or evil! She can be the sweetest child one minute, coming up with games or activities that her siblings enjoy, and in the blink of an eye can cut them to the quick with a comment or the theft of a particular toy. She know everyone's buttons around here, including mine!

Her favorite toys are dolls, the shopping cart (often used as a stroller), markers and crayons, and little wooden letters or puzzle pieces that she pretends are cookies she baked. She enjoys playing Mommy to her siblings, helping tuck them in for naps and fetching things they've dropped. I frequently overhear her saying things to them like, "If you eat just one more bite of broccoli, you can have a cookie." I remind her -- often -- that I'm the mommy, not her!

CC has been much less mommy-centric in the last few weeks, which is a relief for both me and MJ. She's become very interested in ballet, so I might enroll her in classes soon to see if she enjoys it. Her favorite foods are oranges, cucumber sticks, ham and cheese, and yogurt. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher at her preschool -- and in the same classroom!

Little Man continues to be mercurial. He laughs and smiles constantly, and his favorite things are physical -- jumping, tumbling, rolling, climbing. Maybe it's because he's a boy, or maybe it's just his personality. He's picked up on the soccer skills CC learned last summer, and will often demonstrate them for me: "Yook, Mommy -- airpane move!" He loves to be tickled, to wrestle on the couch, or to "tackle-hug" me (without notice).

In general, Little Man is the least picky eater of our three kids. He even seems to like spicy foods. The only thing he doesn't like is fruit (except for bananas). His favorite food is macaroni and cheese, which he requests every day, for every single meal, even breakfast. His favorite toys are trains, a wooden pizza and birthday cake set, and the large foam chairs we push together to jump and climb on.

When he's confused or frustrated or angry, he screams hysterically and jumps up and down in place. We're teaching him to calm down and ask nicely if he wants something, but it's a work in progress. He seems to have an extreme case of selective hearing, which sometimes causes me to stand in front of him, hold his head so he's looking at me, and talk to him very slowly until he gives me an acknowledgement. Again -- maybe it's because he's male?

Sweet Pea mimics CC in many ways. When she talks, she's starting to make hand gestures that are very familiar to us. She's pretty good at sharing things, although whenever we remind her that it's not her turn to play with a certain toy, her response is always, "My turn two mins, okay?" (meaning the other person can play for two more minutes before it's her turn). I hope that this is not an early sign of a negotiator in training -- we are busy enough negotiating with her big sister!

Sweet Pea is very attached to me, but I think (hope?) she's become a little more flexible lately. She allows MJ to dress her and change her diaper sometimes without pitching a fit, and she doesn't always scream uncontrollably when I leave her with our babysitter.

She is turning into quite the giggly little girl, who yells, "watch me!" constantly during the day as she demonstrates dance moves or tumbling skills. She's hands-down the most affectionate of the three, even with MJ, who tells her every day that she's the best hugger and kisser. 

She's the most picky eater of the bunch, and there is no dessert on earth that will motivate her to eat something she doesn't like. Her favorite pair of pajamas is an old set of CC's, with cupcakes on it, and Sweet Pea wants to wear them every. single. night. She's even been known to pull them, dirty, out of the laundry basket and sneak them back into her drawer, so she can wear them again! Every time I do laundry, she runs up and asks, "Mommy wash my cupcakes today?"

CC is close with both her siblings, but in different ways. Little Man is a "joiner," so CC has learned that he's most likely to go along with her schemes and play with her. Sweet Pea is definitely not a joiner and will do what she wants to do, regardless of what everyone else is doing. However, CC insists on sitting next to Sweet Pea for all meals, helping her with getting dressed or playing (whether Sweet Pea wants help or not) and reading to her.

So there you have it -- a small glimpse into the personalities of our three munchkins!