Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo Friday

We took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather to have our snack outside!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fest

CC's school put on a fall festival last weekend, complete with a petting zoo, several bounce houses, trick-or-treating, and a train ride. Fun was had by all:

CC allowed her face to be painted for the very first time

The three kids were very excited when it was our turn on the train 

Little Man was enamored with all the rabbits

Sweet Pea enjoyed watching her siblings in the bounce house,
but refused to try it herself!
(The candy that the kids collected is now in a small bag in our kitchen. Sweet Pea is a little obsessed. She will clamber up on a stepstool, belly up to the counter, point at the bag and say, "Dat? Eat some?" I walked into the kitchen yesterday in time to see her helping herself to some Smarties, wearing a guilty yet happy smile on her face.)

I was pretty impressed with the festival, especially the petting zoo: they had multiple ponies (not for riding, unfortunately), donkeys, sheep, llamas and rabbits. There were many activities we didn't even get to, because our kids have very early bedtimes. The fall fest will definitely be on our schedule every year now!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Visit from a Friend

What a fun weekend! A close friend from Notre Dame, Ted, came to visit us. He'd never met the kids, so it was great to see them warm up to him and really goof around. 

We showed him as much of our fair city as we could pack into two days. And now that I think about it, most of it revolved around food. Interesting.

First night: a food truck rally, where we spread a blanket and ate as many different things as possible (tacos, gourmet grilled cheese, burgers, cinnamon rolls and ice cream). MJ and I will have to go back some other time to sample the rest of the options!

Double-fisting beers and babies

Little Man was a fan of the burgers

The next day we went to a BBQ street festival, which was crowded but fun. And I learned something new about my kids: they love ribs! Especially Sweet Pea -- my tiny little picky eater couldn't get enough! Guess what's going on my family meal plan?

"More bite, please!"

There was a fountain in the middle of the festival that had giant "stepping stones" for the kids to walk and jump on.

After the festival, we wanted to kill some time before dinner. I was foolish enough to bring the kids to a nearby park, and tell them not to play in the splash pad. 

I'm glad I keep spare sets of clothes in the car, although it was a long, chilly walk back to the parking garage!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Photo Friday

My favorite picture from the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spooky Snacks

I made a cute Halloween snack/craft with the kids this morning, courtesy of my Auntie Arline, who shared the idea with me!

I started with three eager helpers:

Then we took some yogurt-covered pretzels and piped some Wilton candy melts into the two top holes of each:

Then pushed some small candies into the melts:

(We used both m&ms and large sprinkles. Somewhere in between would probably be best, like mini m&ms.)

Ta da! Adorable, easy spooky faces for Halloween. The kids had a blast; it wasn't too terribly messy, and I have to admit -- they taste pretty delicious. It was fun for me, too, despite the fact that Little Man dumped a handful of sprinkles onto the floor. Those things bounce and roll everywhere!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Silly Socks

Today was Silly Sock Day at CC's school to kick off a sock drive the school is having this month. CC was more than happy to oblige (after I bought her some silly knee socks):

Our silly girl wearing silly socks. A match made in heaven.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we took the kids to a local pumpkin farm, which offers plenty of entertainment beyond just selecting a pumpkin.

We saw chickens, goats, cows, horses, and pigs.

Sweet Pea got up close and personal with the baby chicks.

Little Man was FASCINATED by the chicken coop.

CC enjoyed climbing on the paddock fence (which contained a very frisky horse):

We also went on a tractor-drawn hayride:

And finally, we concluded the all-important pumpkin selection:

I really, really wanted to ride a horse with one of the kids on my lap, but unfortunately the farm wouldn't allow two people to a horse. Bummer.

Next project: carving the jack o'lantern!