Friday, August 18, 2017

Photo Friday

Birthday breakfast al fresco yesterday! Sweet Pea wanted french toast, and Little Man wanted chocolate chip pancakes. So I made both. Yum!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday, Little Man and Sweet Pea!

Happy big 5th birthday to my favorite twins! It's been half a decade since they completed our family, and we couldn't be happier about it. They keep us laughing, rolling our eyes and full of love.

My darling Sweet Pea, my precious little one. She is my constant shadow, my stage-five clinger, my hook, line, and sinker. MJ and I joke around that she'd rather go to the seventh circle of hell with me, than to DisneyWorld with anyone else. Physically, though, she is 100% MJ's child -- slender arms and legs, lean muscles, not an ounce of fat.

Her favorite colors are yellow and "rainbow." (I learned the hard way that rainbows without the color yellow do not count. I bought her a rainbow-striped pair of pajamas I thought she'd love, but it had neon green instead of yellow. It went straight to the bottom of the pile.)

She's been obsessed with Volkswagon Beetles for a while now, and there's a house near ours that has two yellow ones always parked outside. They also have a yellow front door. It's basically Sweet Pea's dream house -- I feel like we should introduce ourselves so Sweet Pea could bond with them over a mutual love of Beetles and the color yellow.

She still prefers her cars and racetracks to any other toy, but other favorites are anything tiny and any container to put said tiny things in. She has softened her stance on future children; now she says "maybe I'll get babies some day." Her facial expressions and hand gestures keep us in stitches. And although she's still the pickiest eater of the bunch, she has opened her mind a bit in the last year and discovered a love of sausage and (most recently) bacon.

Sweet Pea is still the most likely Morrison child to be by herself, playing alone. She doesn't feel the need to do what anyone else is doing, and I love that about her. I hope she always stays so immune to peer pressure!

Little Man, on the other hand, will do anything if someone else wants him to. Play princess dress-up with CC? Done. Perform a gymnastics routine wearing Sweet Pea's leotard? Anytime. I'd pick him up from school and he'd say, "I wanted to play on the slide today, but no one would play with me, so I played in the sandbox with Parker instead." Oh, Little Man, be brave! I pray for him to gain the confidence to do whatever he wants.

He still slays me with his mega-watt smile, more adorable now with his missing tooth. His knowledge of Star Wars minutia is truly amazing. He's not shy at all, and will happily talk any stranger's ear off about Kylo Ren, General Grievous or Obi Wan Kenobi. He talks loudly at all times, and his most recent obsession is making noises: light sabers humming, explosions, space ships taking off ... church has been pretty difficult lately.

But when we're not trying to keep him quiet, Little Man can make us laugh like crazy. His one-liners (often delivered mid-tantrum) are hilarious. And he loves to sing, even instrumental songs (like his favorite, the Star Wars theme).

His memory is phenomenal, and it's very auditory, so in addition to anything from a movie or book, he remembers music. Every time a song comes on the radio, he asks what the name is, and he'll remember it the next time.

Little Man is happiest when he's physically engaged with something or (even better) someone. He has excelled in soccer this summer. He's in heaven whenever we wrestle or tickle with him, and if I flip him over or toss him onto the couch, he'll beg for more. First thing every morning, he jumps into our bed and cuddles with me for a few minutes before breakfast. It's one of my favorite parts of the day! Even if I'm up early, I make sure I'm back in bed before he comes in at 7.

In some ways, the last five years have flown by, but in other ways it seems like Sweet Pea and Little Man have always been part of our lives. I'm frustrated to not be more eloquent with words, but they each own a large part of my heart, and I'm so happy to celebrate this day with them.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


CC lost another tooth on Saturday morning (once again, waking up to find it in bed with her). That brings her total to six, and now that both her top middle teeth are gone, she's adorably toothless. Just in time for school to start!

For the first time, the Tooth Fairy did not come! CC sobbed while I hugged her, and MJ and I did a bit of silent finger-pointing behind her back. But CC decided that the Tooth Fairy must have been really busy that night, and maybe she would come while we were at church.

Sure enough, we came home to find not two but three dollar coins under her pillow! I was so proud to hear CC say, "The Tooth Fairy must have wanted me to share!" And she gave one to each of her siblings.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Road Trip

Last week I packed up the car, buckled in the kids, and we hit the road for a road trip!

First stop: visiting Uncle Brien and having a belated birthday celebration with him (his birthday was while we were at the beach). It was nice to spend a little time with him, but it was quick -- we had a long drive ahead of us!

Then we were off to West Virginia, where we met Memere and Pepere. It was our first time seeing Pepere since April, when he started hiking the Appalachian Trail! He finished up the northern half in early August, and is now hiking the southern half. 

We swam in the hotel pool, showing off for Memere and jumping off Pepere's shoulders. We went out for ice cream after dinner. And before bed, we made cream beards to match Pepere's! Sweet Pea even had a sleepover in Memere and Pepere's hotel room.

The next morning we were up super early to go hiking with Pepere. We hiked about 1.5 miles: three-quarters of a mile down a mountain, hugs and good-byes to Pepere, then back up. It was extremely rocky and a bit steep, but it was fun to get a taste of the Appalachian Trail, and the kids enjoyed finding the white blazes on trees that marked the Trail.

Memere: Little Man, go slowly on these rocks!
Little Man: (sprinting past) MY FEET ONLY HAVE ONE SPEED!

We spent the rest of that day with Memere, back in the pool, having a nice lunch, and trying (unsuccessfully) to get the kids to take a nap.

Then the kids and I headed to Pennsylvania to visit Kris and Jeff. Unfortunately Daniel was visiting his grandparents for the week, but we had fun with Sarah. CC was in heaven with all Sarah's American Girl doll paraphernalia, and Sarah was generous enough to give CC a few extra outfits and even some roller skates for Kate. CC came running down the stairs to show me.

CC: Mommy! Look what Sarah gave me! Roller skates!
Me: Wow, that's so generous of Sarah.
Little Man: CC, those roller skates will not even fit you.

Little Man was also in heaven: Daniel had loads of Star Wars toys and decorations around the house, including a very realistic light saber that made noises and everything. I'm pretty sure I know what's going on Little Man's Christmas list.

For dinner, we had corn on the cob, a first for my kids. Even better, we shucked it ourselves. I have fun memories of shucking corn at my Auntie Arline's house when I was young, so it was cool to do it with my kids. 

CC and I devoured all the tomatoes from Kris and Jeff's garden. We can't resist deliciously ripe tomatoes!

It was a long drive home, but thanks to a portable DVD player and Happy Meals, we all survived. What an adventure! One thousand miles, five states, and three days later, we were happily back home with MJ.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Photo Friday

Even special guys need to practice car seat safety!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Hooray! Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, and boy did we have fun with them! 

Grandma took CC on a lunch date to pick out her very own American Girl doll. CC picked #63, a doll that looks the most like her, and named her Kate. They have been inseparable ever since -- Kate even came to church with us on Sunday!

We watched Daddy play softball with his law firm league. The kids cheered him on very loudly as he came up to bat and got several good hits. His games are usually at 8 pm, so the kids had never seen him play. This was a rare treat for them and Grandma, too!

Grandpa joined us for the weekend, and we celebrated his 70th birthday. What a milestone! We also took the opportunity to celebrate Sweet Pea and Little Man's birthdays. Grandma and Grandpa gave them each a special sleeping bag: Sweet Pea's is an adorable owl print, and Little Man's is outer-space themed.

On Saturday we went to a small zoo, which had a decent selection of wild and farm animals. The kids had fun feeding carrots to a giraffe, and tossing food pellets to camels and goats. There was also a hayride so you could see and feed some of the larger animals. As usual, Little Man wasn't nervous at all, practically putting his hands directly into the mouths of water buffalo, alpacas, and a giant watusi bull with the biggest horns I've ever seen. The girls mostly threw the food at the animals, not wanting them to get too close.

Little Man and Grandpa did a ton of wrestling (and at least one of them enjoyed it). We made light sabers and had Jedi wars. Grandma and Grandpa were well protected!

Perhaps most exciting of all: Grandma and Grandpa took a real estate tour of the city while they were here. Maybe they'll move here one day?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beach Part II

It wouldn't be a Morrison trip to the beach if we spent all our time at the beach, would it? Heck no! We did tons of other things. Like a pirate cruise. YARRR!!

The kids got face paint and were assigned pirate names ("Cutthroat CC," "Swordfighter Sweet Pea," and "Salty Little Man"), and then we all got a lesson on how to talk Pirate. Then we boarded the ship and set out to find the keys to a treasure chest. We stumbled across Stinky Pete, who had stolen the keys, and we bested him with our water cannons. Then everyone got a big handful of treasure. Huzzah! It was a huge hit!

MJ and I introduced the kids to bocce ball, which was fun but a bit chaotic. I was convinced a ball would end up in the pond, but fortunately we came home with all nine.

Another day we went to the petting zoo. Everyone had fun touching the animals, but Little Man surprised me by not wanting to ride a pony. Last time we were here, he's the only one who rode! But this year, it was just the girls. This was Sweet Pea's first time riding a pony, and she didn't hesitate a bit! She hopped right on a little brown pony named Mocha and headed out. CC was nervous, but after watching Sweet Pea, she decided it was safe enough as long as she rode Mocha too (the smallest pony).

We also visited a miniature golf course, appropriately pirate-themed. It's a good thing we don't keep score, or the final tally would have been in the thousands.

And on a particularly rainy day, we took the kids to an indoor playground with bounce houses, climbing ropes, basketball hoops and rock walls. Check out Sweet Pea!

After the kids went to bed at night, MJ and I would enjoy quiet evenings on the porch or playing catch in the back. We didn't even turn the TV on all week! (Full disclosure: on Sunday night we watched Game of Thrones on MJ's phone. I mean ... of course.)

On Thursday of our vacation week, we got a call from Alice that there'd been a fire in our house while we were gone. Apparently our bedroom fireplace must have malfunctioned, because one of our pillow shams, which had been left on the floor near the fireplace, was burned to a crisp! 

We don't know for sure how it started (the fireplace was turned off), but even more mysterious is how it stopped. Nothing else is burned at all, not even the other pillow sham (which was leaning against the burned one). There are no smoke marks on the wall or soot on the floor. Our local fire station sent a truck full of firefighters to check out the situation, but all they could confirm is that our house definitely did not get hit by lightning. The county fire investigator thinks he might have found a fault in the ignition starter of the fireplace. Regardless, it's very scary to think that there was a fire burning in our bedroom while we were gone for a week. Thank God the damage was limited to one pillow sham! Our guardian angels were definitely working overtime in our absence.