Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Friday

In honor of my birthday this week, Photo Friday is a picture of me with the kids, about to dig into some cake:

Does chocolate frosting come out of pajamas? I'll find out the next time I do laundry.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Skills

Look who's drinking from a big girl cup:

She's doing very well with it. I gave Little Man a chance, but he just dumped it all over his chin. I guess we'll be waiting a little bit longer before trying again!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Modern Man

Yesterday, Little Man came running up to me with CC's doll Ergo in his hand. "Ergo! On!" he yelled. So I put it on him, and he stuffed his teddy bear, Bumby, into the front. It was totally adorable, so I took a picture:

The modern man! So comfortable with his masculinity. So at ease while parenting.

Then Little Man grabbed his toy vacuum and went to town on my hardwood floors. Well. This was just too perfect:

The domestic god. Just how I like my men!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Photo Friday

CC's new short haircut:

I think it's adorable -- I've been considering shorter hair for her for a while now. And it's perfect for the hot weather.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Library Fun

We love our local library, and go at least once a week. Not only does it host really fun storytimes, but it also has a little house made of books that the kids love to play in, plenty of paper and crayons for coloring, and a pretty fabulous play area with educational toys.

The play area also features various costumes the kids can wear, and the librarians rotate the costumes so we never know which ones will be there when we go. Today there was a (very tiny) chef:

And a nurse:

(Just like Pepere! CC and I talked about how Pepere wears scrubs like these when he's at work.)

Little Man wasn't interested in putting on a costume, but he did find this awesome bear that he promptly fell in love with:

He walked around with it the whole time, saying, "Hug! Hug!" over and over again. He almost had a meltdown when it was time to leave, but I convinced him that the bear was tired and we needed to put it to bed. "Night night bear!"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

To the Park

After our 4th of July weekend, I took the kids to my brother's house for a few days so they could play with Dane and Hayden. Our big outing was to a local park, which was fabulous.

There was a little train, which both three-year-olds were very excited about (don't let their faces fool you):

There was a playground just for toddlers:

(Notice the train in the background)

There was a boat ride that kids go on without adults (whoa). CC and Dane were the only ones to ride in the boats, because there's no way Little Man or Sweet Pea would do it without me. Or stay seated. Or resist the urge to fling themselves in the water.

Planning their boating strategy

And there was a gorgeous restored 1911 carousel. CC was still riding high on her carousel success from last week, but she was a little nervous when she realized that this carousel only had big animals to ride. So she insisted I stand next to her the whole time, holding on to her. "Two hands, Mommy. Two hands!!"

"Yee haw!!"

Despite all this, the highlight of the trip was the ice cream at the end. (Little Man and Sweet Pea shared one, which is why he isn't holding one. Don't worry -- he wasn't deprived!)

While the big kids took a potty break with Aunt Susan, I sat with the little ones on the bench. In less than five minutes, I had four people stop and say, "Oh my gosh! Triplets!" Can you blame them?!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Friday

Sweet Pea is learning the joys of olives. (She still won't eat them, naturally, but she has fun playing with them!)