CC's Story

Our sweet CC took her time joining us in the outside world!  At 41 weeks, I still had no signs of labor or progression of any kind.

(We call her by her first name, but refer to her as "CC" here for security reasons.)

Thinking we were still a week away from possible labor, I decided to get out of the house and cheer for the Little League team MJ coaches as they played in a weekend tournament.  Much to our surprise, my water broke in dramatic fashion during one of the games, and we very excitedly headed back home to pick up our pre-packed bag and go to the hospital.

I'm happy because I think I'm about to have a baby!

After eight hours, no contractions or signs of labor had started.  Because of the risk of infection, most doctors want you to deliver within 24 hours of when your water breaks.  My doctor recommended that I take Pitocin to kick-start my labor.  The medication was started at 10:30 Sunday night, and before too long I started feeling contractions.  We were off and running -- right?

Monday at noon my doctor returned, and discovered that I had not progressed at all.  At this point I had been on the Pitocin for almost 14 hours, so it clearly was not working, and I was coming up on the 24-hour window from when my water had broken.  We turned off the medicine, and my contractions immediately stopped.

We discussed a few different options.  First on the list was a c-section, which I was resistant to.  My doctor agreed that we could continue trying to labor while keeping an eye out for any sign of infection.  He recommended a drug called Cytotec, and MJ and I agreed to give it a shot.

After I had a light lunch, the Cytotec was started at 3:30 Monday afternoon.  Once again, I started feeling contractions, but not uncomfortable enough for me to ask for an epidural.  Tuesday morning at 7:30, my doctor checked me again.  I was devastated to learn that once again, I hadn't progressed any further, despite 16 hours on the medicine.  And once again, when the medication was stopped, my contractions disappeared.

It was an emotional moment for me.  We were out of options.  My water had broken almost 48 hours prior, and my body was still refusing to go into labor.  The only option left was a c-section.  I had always known a c-section was a possibility, but I had assumed it would only happen if the baby was in distress, or too large for me to deliver, etc.  It had never crossed my mind that I might not even get the chance to try to labor. 

But MJ and I tried to focus on the positive: we were going to meet our child soon.  Getting the baby here safely was the most important thing.  At 9:06 that morning my c-section began, and at 9:14 CC was here.  The surgery went very smoothly; MJ was able to watch her being born and tell me that she was a girl.  We were both a little teary!

In the recovery room, holding CC for the first time

Our first family picture

The next three days went much smoother than MJ and I would have ever hoped.  CC took to nursing like a champ, and had started gaining weight before we were even discharged from the hospital.  My surgery was easier to recover from than I'd thought; I was sore, but there was no bleeding or sharp pains, and I was up on my feet and fairly mobile by the next day.

Discharged from the hospital and on our way home

After six long days at the hospital, we came home as a brand-new family of three.  MJ and I are beside ourselves with happiness, madly in love with our daughter, and so thankful that she is here and healthy.  We can't wait to see what the future brings as she continues to grow and bless our lives!