Early in my second pregnancy, when we discovered we were having twins, my obstetrician recommended that I see a high-risk specialist for monthly ultrasounds and extra testing.  So for the duration of this pregnancy, I was much more closely monitored than I ever was when pregnant with CC.  And in the process of having all these high-resolution ultrasounds and tests, I learned something interesting: apparently my body is physiologically unable to labor and give birth to a baby (never mind twins).

This certainly explained the problems I had trying to deliver CC.  And although the silver lining in this cloud was that there was very little chance I would have premature twins, it also meant that I would need another c-section in order to deliver them.

So throughout the nine months, we had a date on the wall: August 17th, 2012, which was 39 weeks' gestation.  If I spontaneously went into labor before then, great -- I could try to deliver them if I wanted.  But since that was unlikely, 39 weeks was as far as my OB was willing to let me go.  That's equivalent to 42 weeks with a single baby, which is when the risk of complications starts to rise.  

5:00 am, leaving for the hospital

It was a bit unusual knowing when the babies would arrive, but it allowed me to plan accordingly and make child-care arrangements for CC.  And sure enough, I easily made it to 39 weeks.

As when I was pregnant with CC, we chose not to learn the gender of these babies.  So there was much excitement between us and our families and friends.  MJ was convinced they were two more girls, but I felt fairly confident that at least one baby would be a boy.

During the c-section, the doctor let us know when Baby A was about to come out, and asked MJ to announce the gender.  MJ said, "That's a girl."  Another daughter!  A sister for CC!  I was thrilled, but still incredibly curious about the second baby's gender.  When Baby B was born, I heard MJ chuckle, and then I knew the baby must be a boy.  Sure enough, MJ announced, "It's a dude," and everyone in the delivery room started laughing.

In the recovery room, MJ holding the twins for the first time

My parents were in the waiting room with CC, but because the labor and delivery ward was very crowded, it was 4-5 hours before a postpartum room was ready for us.  So they returned to our house to put CC down for her nap.  By the time CC woke up and was ready to come meet the twins, we were settled in a room and ready for her.  MJ picked her up from my parents and brought her back alone first, so our small family could be together for a few minutes for the first time.  CC smiled at me, then looked at the babies for a few minutes, then pointed and said, "Baby!"  Up until that moment, I didn't even realize she knew that word.

CC with the twins

Sweet Pea

Little Man

Three days later we came home, and happy chaos continues.  Our family is complete now, but the hard work is just beginning -- we will have our hands full for a long time!  But God has truly blessed us with three such beautiful, healthy children, and we couldn't be more thankful.

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