Thursday, July 7, 2011

Breaking News!

CC rolled over for the first time last night .. three times!  And the best part is that MJ was there to see it. 

CC and I have been doing lots of tummy time lately, and in the last few days she has really improved her ability to hold her head up, and increased the length of time she tolerates on her tummy.  When MJ came home from work last night, I wanted to show him how strong she's getting, so I put her on her tummy.  Much to our shock, she rolled right onto her back! 

We couldn't believe it -- CC has shown no indication that she was even close to rolling over.  No rocking back and forth, no reaching, no arching her back.  We were so surprised!  So we put her back on her tummy, and a minute later she rolled over again.  By this point we were laughing, and CC had a bemused expression on her face.  But she's definitely getting the hang of it, because later in the evening she rolled over a third time.

I'll try to get a picture today.  Our little girl has just reached her first big milestone!

(So big, in fact, that other developments pale in comparison.  Earlier in the week CC learned to "click" her tongue, and last night she did it for MJ for the first time.  He said, "That's cool, CC, but it's not as cool as rolling over.")

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B-Mama said...

V. cute! Congrats to the big roller!! Such a fun milestone!