Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dane's Baptism

CC and I have had a busy last few days!  We just got back home today from my nephew Dane's baptism, followed by a few days visiting with my parents and my grandfather (who is in town for Dane's baptism and CC's next weekend).  It was my grandather's first time meeting CC, his only great-granddaughter, so the visit was extra special.

(Psssst: Karen, on the far left in this picture, is 25 weeks pregnant!  Her husband, my younger brother, is currently deployed to Afghanistan, but will be allowed to come home in November for Bryson's birth.)

MJ, unfortunately, was not able to join us this weekend due to some last-minute work assignments.  This left me driving 2.5 hours (each way) alone with CC in the car.  After our 4th of July experience, I was more than a little apprehensive.  But CC held it together and we made it all the way with a minimum of screaming.  I attribute this mostly to the fact that she has recently learned to suck her thumb -- my saving grace!

The baptism was beautiful.  Dane is such an adorable and happy baby; he didn't even whimper as the priest poured water over his head and annointed him with oil.  Both families were there to witness his entrance into the faith, and celebrate afterwards.  What a joyful day!

Dane on his special day, wearing a crocheted gown that my Auntie Arline made for me and my brothers when we were baptized years ago: 

At a local restaurant for a celebratory lunch afterwards. Poor baby -- Dane didn't even get to taste his own baptism cake!

Another post is soon to come with details of the rest of my visit.  Stay tuned!

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