Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flyin' High

We're back!  Did you miss us?

We three have been gone since last Saturday, and took CC on her first-ever plane ride.  MJ and I were more than a little concerned with how she would behave on a plane, considering babies are supposed to be held on parents' laps, and our particular baby doesn't like being held for more than, say, 5 minutes.  Also, as you might have gathered from previous posts, our darling angel is prone to extreme meltdowns at any given point and for no particular reason.

However, she did relatively well.  MJ and I were lucky enough to get bulkhead seats, the row right behind the first class partition.  So we were at the front of the plane (good for MJ, who is a nervous flier), and had extra legroom (good for CC, who could lie on the floor when she needed a break from all the holding).  I was prepared with bottles for the ascent and descent, in case her ears bothered her.  And to make things easier through security and in the terminals, we checked her carseat and stroller, and MJ carried her around in this nifty little contraption:

We managed to keep her quiet for most of each flight, but oddly enough, on both flights she melted down for the last 10 minutes of descent.  On our return flight, she continued crying all the way off the plane, down the terminal, and into baggage claim before finally collapsing, exhausted, on MJ's chest.

And where did we go on our little jaunt, you ask?  We flew to visit MJ's parents, and from there drove to West Point where we met up with some friends for an alumni event.  Stay tuned for more info and pictures of our trip!

P.S.  And, most importantly, wish MJ luck as he attempts to work from home tomorrow ... all day ... with CC ... ALONE.  I have jury duty, so he's on his own!

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