Monday, October 10, 2011

New Food of the Week

Sweet potato!

Other moms had always told me that sweet potatoes were big favorites of their babies.  So I assumed CC would like them too ... eventually.  I thought it would take a little while, as it did last week with carrots.  (CC ate her carrots better after the first few tries, but even after a week didn't seem to like them as much as rice cereal.)

Not so!  MJ gave CC her first spoonful of sweet potato, and she didn't even make a funny face.  She gobbled them down and immediately opened her mouth for more.  She quickly polished off the little bit I'd prepared for her, so I got her some seconds (more, this time) and she finished that too.  So far sweet potato is a clear favorite!

By the way, puree wasn't an issue this week.  I baked the sweet potato in the oven (it took over two hours before it got soft, by the way) and then just scooped out the meat.  It was very soft and smooth and didn't even require any mashing.  I thinned it out just a tad with a few drops of water, and we were good to go.

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