Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tough Mudder

Our trip to Virginia for the Tough Mudder was great.  MJ and his friend Joe both did well, despite the incredibly difficult terrain and obstacles.  Laurie (Joe's wife) and CC and I cheered them on, and were fortunately able to watch the guys conquer several of the obstacles. 

After crossing the finish line -- and being awarded their orange headbands.

Carrying giant logs up a ski slope and back down again

This event was TOUGH.  There were 27 obstacles, ranging from climbing over 10-foot walls, to walking through a neck-high tub of icy slush, to getting shocked with 10,000 volts of electricity.  The course took place on a ski slope, so the entire 9-miles alternated between steep uphills and steep downhills. Only 30% of contestants finished, and although MJ and Joe are both in very good shape, it took them 3.5 hours to finish.

Swinging across greased monkey bars

I love the expression on his face as he exited the ice bath:
"What the heck was THAT?!"

CC did amazingly well.  We left the hotel at 10 am and didn't return until 7 pm, and basically the entire time she was riding in the Ergo carrier on my chest.  She only took 2 very brief naps, but she was happy and smiley the whole day.  I couldn't get over it -- she was a trooper!  But she was so exhausted the following day that she slept the entire trip home. 

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Carol said...

Go Matt! Way to finish! Greased monkey bars??? That's just mean. At least those Notre dame winters prepped him for the ice tank.
(and good job CC!)