Monday, November 7, 2011

New Food of the Week


So far CC is not entirely sold on peas.  She eats them all right, but not as avidly as she eats sweet potatoes.  But she definitely liked them better at first taste than avocado.

I boiled them for about 12 minutes, then pureed them with the immersion blender my mom is letting me borrow.  She rarely uses it, and I was learning that a food processor is not the best appliance with which to make baby food.  The immersion blender is definitely better!

In related food news, I've realized recently that one food every week is not enough.  I want CC to have a varied and diverse menu, and at this rate, a year from now she'll have only eaten 50 or 60 things.  The pediatrician says it's safe to wait as little as 2-3 days in between new foods, so starting this week we will be doing new foods on Wednesdays as well as Sundays.

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