Monday, December 19, 2011

8 Months

Happy 8-month birthday to our CC!  She's getting more and more fun each month.

But just because she's getting more fun, does not mean she's getting easier.  A quote from my mom, after spending a few days with CC: "You're really going to have your hands full with her; she actually throws temper tantrums already when she doesn't get her way!" 

Milestones for this month:

- CC learned how to get from a sitting position onto her belly in order to scootch around.  This is big for her, because now she's mobile no matter what position I put her in.  It also makes her a little happier, because if she's sitting and sees something out of reach she wants, she can go get it on her own.  Watch out, Mommy and Daddy!

- On Thanksgiving day, she got into a sitting position on her own.  We were visiting my in-laws for the holiday, and I was putting her down for a nap.  I put her down in the crib, and she started rolling around, as usual.  Then, right in front of my eyes, she propped herself up and was sitting!  But it hasn't happened since, so this might not count as a "milestone."  Still, it was a big moment!

- She can pull herself up into a standing position, but only if she is positioned in exactly the right way, with something to grab onto within easy reach.  Still, MJ and I are putting her crib mattress down this week.  It's better to be safe than sorry!

- She is pointing at things left and right.

- As I mentioned a few days ago, she's (finally) getting a third tooth.

- I've heard her give two full-out belly laughs.  Usually we just get a chuckle or two at a time, but twice in the last week she laughed uncontrollably when I was tickling her.

- She's become quite adept at feeding herself cheerios.  More end up in her mouth than on the floor, and the required focus thankfully keeps her occupied when we are out to dinner.

- She's trying to make two-syllable words.  Most of the time it ends up sounding something like "gobbin."  But she loves to talk, and she's not quiet about it.


B-Mama said...

LOVE the pic!! Adorable!!

Carol said...

I second that this picture is great-such an expression. I think she has your photogenic genes.