Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Early Christmas!

Last night the three of us celebrated our own small family Christmas.  We are leaving later today to head to my parents' house for the holiday weekend, so we took some time last night to be together as a family and share our gifts.

CC, not surprisingly, made out like a bandit.  She received a shape-sorting picnic basket from my friend Kris, and it makes all kinds of sounds and songs when you open and close the basket top or put shapes inside.

From Grandma and Grandpa, she received several books, an outfit, and a few toys like this one, a stuffed octopus that talks when you press its tentacles and plays music when you touch it anywhere else:

From her godparents, our friends Tom and Carol, CC received plastic links that can be used to hang toys in her carseat or stroller, or all strung together to make a long chain.  She also received her first set of stacking cups.  She knew exactly what to do with them, because Grandma taught her over Thanksgiving with a set that used to be MJ's when he was a baby!

From Uncle Brian, Aunt Kelly, and cousins Anna and Abby, CC received a giant stuffed monkey that's bigger than she is!  When we move its arms and legs and head around, CC thinks it's hysterical!

Safe travels to all of you!  We wish you the warmest, most love-filled and enchanted Christmas.

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