Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo Friday / New Food

Today's post is a double whammy: a new food post and a Friday picture all in one.

This is coming to you from the great state of Pennsylvania, where CC and I have been luxuriating with my friend Kris and her family.  Well, "luxuriating" might be a stretch.  But CC has loved all the attention from Kris' kids, Daniel and Sarah, who have been extremely helpful with all her meals, diaper changes and changes of clothes.  Case in point: 3-year-old Sarah was only too eager to help when CC had her first taste of kiwi this afternoon.

For the record, CC wasn't entirely sure whether she liked kiwi.  She would make terrible faces at every spoonful, sometimes even spitting it out, yet she would always open her mouth for more.  So the jury is out. 

We spent our afternoon at the outlet mall, buying jeans and fancy Christmas shoes for CC, and fancy shoes and a headband (see picture) for Sarah for Christmas.  Tomorrow I'm going to take some pictures of their family.  CC and I don't leave until Sunday afternoon, so who knows what other adventures we'll have before then?

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