Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prayers Needed

Please take a few minutes this morning, and say a prayer for our newest family member, our nephew Bryson.  He was born with quite a few medical concerns, not least of which is an intestinal malformation.  This puts him at risk for a life-threatening blockage of his intestines, so he is having surgery at 10:30 this morning to correct the problem.

He is such a little guy, just barely one month old, and it makes my heart hurt that he has to go through such a procedure.  He needs all the prayers he can get!  And my brother and his wife, too -- they need prayers for peace and comfort.


B-Mama said...

Prayed for him all yesterday! I wrote you two diff. Emails that didn't go out bc my iPad refused to send them!!! Thinking of you all!

Morrisons said...

Thanks, B! Surgery went well, but revealed some additional problems that we're hoping to get more clarification on soon. I'll keep you posted -- I definitely appreciate your prayers!