Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nine Months

Wow, nine months seems so close to one year!  Not that I'm rushing things.  But wow, I can't believe CC is already nine months old.

She is really fun right now.  I'm sure she will continue to get more and more fun as she gets older and more able to do things, but we are having a blast right now watching her figure things out.  She's always making us laugh!

She is pulling up on anything she can get her hands on:  the coffee table, the exersaucer, the walls, the dog.

She has stood on her own several times, but still can't do it consistently or regularly.

She is just starting to "cruise," or walking while holding on to the coffee table or some other steady object.  But she is already pretty good at transferring her hands from couch to coffee table, or from exersaucer to ottoman.

She claps along when I sing certain songs.  Love it!

She can't say any words yet, but she definitely understands more: Daddy, eat, milk, up (in addition to "Rory" and her own name, which she has known for a while now).

Her favorite sounds to make now are "dada" and "mama."  No, she doesn't know what they mean, but "dadadada" is the sound she makes when she's happy, and "mamama" is the sound she makes when she's upset.  (Mommy is pretty thrilled with this development.)

CC has a total of six teeth now, two on the bottom and four on the top.  And she chews on everything.  Even me.  We are working on "We don't bite Mommy," and "We don't bite furniture," but so far these lessons seem to be lost on her.

She is still not crawling, and we really don't think she will at this point.  She has perfected her "Army crawl" (scootching) to the point that it gets her pretty quickly anywhere she wants to go.  I suspect that in the next few months she will just start walking one day, and that will be that.

She is a good eater and likes most things, especially if she can feed them to herself.  She is almost at the point where she can eat anything we eat.  In fact, last night we went out to dinner and for the first time I did not bring special food for her; she ate off my plate.  What a cool phase!

P.S.  The cool hat CC is wearing in these pictures is a handknit alpaca hat from Peru called a chullo.  It came to her from MJ's cousin Shannon, who has spent a lot of time in Peru and bought this hat just for CC.


B-Mama said...

What a dollface! Happy 9 mos. CC!

Mrs. G said...

She looks like she has filled out a little more. Has she gone back up in weight after the feeding issues?

Morrisons said...

Yes, once she started solids she never looked back!