Monday, January 16, 2012


This weekend we hosted the first of several visitors we'll have this month: my parents, CC's Memere and Pepere.

Even though my parents just saw her over the holidays, CC has changed a lot in the last two weeks.  She's become very adept at pulling herself up to a standing position, even against a flat surface like a wall.

CC tried bread for the first time while they were there, and seemed to like it fine.  Now she can have that childhood staple, grilled cheese! 

My parents also brought CC's Christmas gift from my brother Patrick and his wife Karen (Bryson's parents) who were understandably busy during the holidays.  It's a singing cookie jar shape-sorter, and CC is having a ball with it.  Mostly she just likes to take the pieces out of it (she doesn't understand putting them back in yet) and drop them all over the family room.

Next week my sister-in-law Susan will be visiting for a few days with our nephew Dane (I am bracing myself for shopping).  And the last weekend of the month, MJ's parents are coming to visit.  We are especially excited for their visit, because they haven't seen CC since Thanksgiving, and although we thought she was a happy boatload of fun then, she is even more fun now!

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