Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CC Squealing

CC loves our dog, Rory.  I mean, really loves her.  Even in the midst of a meltdown, seeing Rory will make her smile (sometimes at the same time as she's crying). 

Side note: this has caused us to start calling Rory into the room whenever our efforts to calm CC aren't working.  And Rory has quickly figured out that getting up from her nice warm bed and rushing to our sides does not result in a cookie, or being allowed up on the couch.  So she is putting two and two together, and has developed selective hearing whenever CC is having a fit!

Anyway, today Rory was on our deck enjoying the sunshine, and CC was over the moon that she could stand at the deck door and see her outside.  It was so cute, I had to get a video of her excitement.

To access the video directly, click this link:

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