Friday, December 21, 2012

Four Month Appointment

Good news -- Little Man and Sweet Pea are healthy and growing well. God has truly blessed us with strong, healthy children who rarely even have a sniffle. Hallelujah!

Little Man weighs 13 pounds, 5 ounces, which is still the 10th percentile. Hey, neither MJ nor I are big people, so I'm under no delusions that any of our children will be large (and so far none of them are). His head size is 42 cm, which is 65th percentile (up from 25th). His height is 24.25 inches, which is 15th percentile, up from 5th at his two-month appointment.

Little Man still has a heart murmur, so it's off to the pediatric cardiologist we go. The doctor had mentioned it at his two-month appointment, but with all Little Man's fussiness and eating issues, it kind of fell through the cracks. She's not really worried, but we'll get him checked out after the mad flurry of the holidays is past us.

Sweet Pea didn't gain a whole lot -- she weighs 12 pounds, 2 ounces, but because the chart for girls is different than for boys, this actually places her at a higher percentile than Little Man: 15th percentile (down from 25th). She has the same size head as Little Man, but for girls that puts her at 90th percentile. And she's 23.5 inches long (15th percentile, up from 5th).

Sweet Pea's hemangioma (strawberry birthmark) is continuing to grow. The doctor and I discussed the fact that because it's very "puffy" and right on the bridge of her nose, it's actually blocking the side vision of her eyes, particularly the right eye. So she is getting a referral to see a hematologist, a blood specialist (because hemangiomas are blood tumors).  Yet another specialist appointment to take care of after the holidays!

But in general, it was a good appointment. The twins didn't even scream too badly when they received their vaccinations. And during the exam, they were all smiles! The doctor even commented on it, saying Little Man wins an award for "most improved baby." I told her that he definitely still has his moments! But it was nice that the babies were happy during the appointment because I was frazzled enough as it was -- today was a very busy day! More on that to come ...

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