Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year, everyone!  It's been longer than usual since my last post, because we have been reveling in the fact that MJ took most of the Christmas-New Year's week off from work, and it was wonderful to spend so much precious time together.

But it's back to the grindstone now, and I have so much to catch you up on!  First things first: CC has had a bit of a language explosion in the last few weeks.  Her vocabulary continues to grow. and every day it seems she is surprising me with a new word. Just this morning, for example, after we waved good bye to MJ, CC turned to me and said "Daddy? Work?"

But recently the biggest change has been in the colors she can say. She's known all her colors for a long while now, but could only say blue ("bwoo") and orange ("owen"). But over the holidays she learned red ("weh") and green ("gwee") -- appropriate, isn't it, for Christmas? And this week she picked up a pink toy and exclaimed, "pick!" and then almost immediately started correctly identifying purple ("burp").

It's so much fun to watch her learn new things!

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