Monday, March 25, 2013

New Foods

Onward and forward in my quest to ensure Sweet Pea and Little Man are properly introduced to  a wide range of healthy foods.  Last week the twins tried zucchini:

(Yes, Sweet Pea is wearing a Christmas bib.  Sue me.)

As usual, Little Man liked it and Sweet Pea didn't.  Little Man is very much like CC was at this age: he likes everything and greets each spoonful with a wide open mouth.  Sweet Pea is much different, usually clamping her mouth shut at the sight of something new on a spoon, or (if I trick her into opening her mouth), keeping her mouth open until all the food falls back out.  Sigh.

They also tried pears:

Little Man could have eaten the entire pear; I had to cut him off so Sweet Pea could try a little.  She maybe liked it.  She ate two or three spoonfuls before refusing any more.  That's a better reception than she normally gives something new, so maybe she's a pear fan.  Little Man didn't mind: he ate all of hers, too!

Sweet Pea is starting to get a bit more of an appetite, thankfully.   She's eating 8 ounces of milk at a time (usually) and really gobbling oatmeal and banana for breakfast.  She's still not a big fan of most vegetables, but hopefully we'll get there.

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