Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crib Railings

CC was being goofy the other day, and asked to get into Sweet Pea's crib.  Since the mattresses are lowered now, I knew she couldn't hurt herself, so I let her play in there while I got the twins dressed.

I turned around just in time to see this.

Cribs, I have learned, are not all created equal.  I had assumed that the "lowered" mattress level in a crib was  a pretty standard height.  Not so, apparently.  When CC stands in her own crib, the railing comes up to her collarbone, and there's no way she can climb out.  

But in Sweet Pea's crib (and Little Man's, too -- I checked), the railing is low enough that she can most definitely climb out.

Thank goodness CC's crib has a taller railing!  We just dodged a bullet I didn't even know was fired.  This hellion isn't ready to transition to a big girl bed anytime soon!


Mrs. G said...

She isn't...or mommy isn't? Going to a toddler bed wasn't that bad back at 16 mo for us. We just decided to not even let her figure out how to climb out and beat her to the chase.

Morrisons said...

Maybe both! CC tests me at every opportunity, so I know that if she was left alone in her room for naps and bedtime, she'd be (literally) climbing the walls. She'd find a way to hurt herself. So NEITHER of us are ready for a big girl bed!