Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nine-Month Appointment

Yesterday Little Man and Sweet Pea had their 9-month appointment, and everything went well.

I didn't have any concerns about Little Man, but I was surprised to discover that he didn't weigh as much as we thought -- just 19.5 pounds.  That's 45th percentile for his age (same as his 6-month appointment).  His length is 28 inches, which is 20th percentile.  We've got a short little chunky guy on our hands!  His head circumference is 45.5 cm, which is 60th percentile.

I had a few concerns about Sweet Pea.  Although she seems to be ahead of Little Man in most ways, there are two main areas where she lags: feeding herself and being mobile.  Fortunately, her pediatrician is not worried.  She says that Sweet Pea is just on the later side of normal with these things.  Doctors are mostly concerned about global developmental delays in children, and since Sweet Pea is ahead of the game in other areas (sitting up on her own, holding her own bottle, etc), there isn't any reason to worry.

Sweet Pea weighs 15.5 pounds, which is 9th percentile.  She is 26 inches long, which is a mere 2nd percentile.  And her head circumference is 45 cm, or 75th percentile.  Hey, at least her head is starting to balance out a little -- at her last few appointments, it was the 95th percentile!

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