Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Months Old

Happy Ten Months, Little Man and Sweet Pea!  Little by little, we are inching toward the one-year mark.

This month was a biggie for both babies.  I think they both know their names now; at least, I'm pretty sure.  And they are becoming increasingly interactive.  Even CC has picked up on how fun it can be to play with them!

Sweet Pea's big accomplishment this month was learning to crawl.  It's been about a week now, and she has slowly but steadily improved.  She isn't racing across the room on all fours (yet), but she makes dogged progress when she wants to get somewhere.  And I don't need to encourage her to crawl now -- she will just hightail it out on her own sometimes.

She is also starting to actually play with me, which is really neat.  For the last month or so, when we read Peek-a-boo Baby, I cover the baby's face on each page with my hand.  Lately, Sweet Pea reaches out and yanks my hand off the page so she can see the baby and play "peekaboo."  It makes her laugh out loud, which makes me laugh too.  And today she started clapping with me.  It's so cool to be able to communicate with her, even just through play.

She's doing very well learning to drink on her own.  She and Little Man have been able to hold their own bottles for a while now, but only while laying down.  Learning to drink while sitting up (propping the bottle up high) is an entirely different skill, but she's doing pretty well.

Sweet Pea is very close to pulling up to a standing position on her own.  She does it easily when she's holding onto my fingers (with no help from me), and has come very close to doing it herself on furniture.  I expect her to reach this milestone any day now.

She is still not feeding herself, which is a bit frustrating for me.  Hopefully this will "click" soon too, and then I anticipate mealtimes will become much easier for me!  It's difficult for me to try to feed three babies at once, when one of them requires me to sit there and put pieces of food in her mouth one by one.

While Sweet Pea smiles non-stop at home with us, and is always shrieking with laughter or happiness, out in public she is more reserved.  She is likely to cry if strangers touch her or get too close, and she generally saves her smiles for her immediate family members.

She is wearing a mix of 3-6 and 6-month clothes, and fitting easily into a size 3 diaper.  And despite her picture here, she rarely puts her hands or her toys into her mouth.

Little Man has been mobile for a lot longer than Sweet Pea, although he still can't crawl; he just scootches from a sitting position.

He loves to pull himself up on my fingers, and will scootch to me from across the room in order to do it.  Like Sweet Pea, I anticipate that he will start pulling up on furniture soon, although he's more wobbly when he stands than Sweet Pea is.

He's starting to "walk" when I hold his hands, although he's pretty shaky.  Still, he seems to grasp the concept of moving one foot forwards and then the other.  And he loves doing it!

He is very smiley and social, and is always getting oohs and aahs in public because of his big smile.  Mister Personality!  But at home, he still struggles often to be happy -- much like CC when she was a baby.  He pitches a fit when I lay him down on the changing table for a diaper or clothing change.  And he frequently cries in the bathtub, for no apparent reason.

He enjoys playing peekaboo with CC now, although she does it in her own way.  She'll wait until he's scooted himself next to one of the arm chairs in our family room, then she'll run around the chair and yell "BOO!" when she comes back around to him.  Then they both giggle like crazy.  It's a riot to watch.

He has a whole mouthful of teeth now -- seven -- including another one (bottom left) last Friday.  That makes four teeth in a week.  Maybe that's why he puts everything in his mouth?!

Little Man eats like a champ.  It's one thing I never have to worry about!  It's so nice to be able to put pieces of food in front of him and know that he'll eat as much as he wants, on his own.  He hasn't learned to tip his cup up to drink yet, but I'm working on Sweet Pea first.

He is wearing 9- and 12-month clothes, and fits (barely) into size 3 diapers.  He is a very good sleeper, who doesn't fight naps or bedtime.

Both are still taking two naps a day.  They wake by 7, take their first nap from 9-11, and their second from 2-4.  They eat three meals a day, just like CC, with an occasional afternoon snack if they wake up early from their second nap.  They go to bed by 6:30.

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