Wednesday, July 17, 2013

11 Months

Whoa, Nelly!  Time is flying this summer, and never does that seem more apparent to me than when I realize that Little Man and Sweet Pea are almost one.  Invitations are going out this week, and I am in full planning mode.

The best picture of the bunch, trust me.
It's HARD to get two babies to look at the same time!

Not a whole lot happened this month in terms of milestones, but I feel like we are on the verge of many.  Neither one is pulling up to a stand yet, but I expect they will start soon, particularly Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea's feeding issues have been resolved -- she stuffs food into her mouth with the best of them, and lately has even been putting Little Man to shame.  I expect she will be much bigger than the 2nd percentile at her 1-year appointment!

Sweet Pea loves walking (holding onto our fingers, of course) and will do it all day if she has a willing set of fingers.

She is not quite the mellow little flower she was for the majority of this past year.  As the months pass, she's becoming more and more outspoken about her opinions.  This makes me happy -- I want strong, confident children.  But it also means more angry shrieking in our house, especially when we put her down on the floor to get something done.

Little Man isn't crawling yet, but he is mobile enough with his bootie scoot.  At this point, I'm thinking he may be one of those babies who skips crawling altogether, and goes right to walking.  Walking is likely still a ways away, however, because he's still pretty wobbly and isn't pulling up yet.

Quite the opposite of Sweet Pea, Little Man is mellowing nicely into a happy little boy.  He still has his fits, of course (what baby doesn't?), but he's not the terror he used to be.  He's even getting more and more content exploring the house on his own.  Slowly, of course: there's only so fast you can move when you're scooting on your butt.

He has an amazingly infectious smile that often makes us laugh out loud.  He is quite the charmer out in public, and the child who is most likely to garner oohs and aahs from other people in restaurants and at church.  I think he is beginning to show signs of being a comedian, because he often seems to go out of his way to make us laugh.

Little Man is now wearing Size 4 diapers (the same as CC!).  I wanted to keep him and Sweet Pea in the same size, but he was getting bigger and bigger, and I couldn't keep stuffing him into 3's.  Size 3 is still plenty big on Sweet Pea, though.

Sweet Pea's hair is not as blonde as CC's was at this age, so I wonder if she'll have brown hair and not blonde like the other two.  Little Man's hair is definitely lighter.

Little Man is mostly wearing 12 month clothes.  Sweet Pea is wearing a combination of 6 month and 9 month clothing.  They are still taking 2 naps a day, although Sweet Pea might be ready to go down to one nap a day (but I'm not!).

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B-Mama said...

They are beautiful! Wonderful job, mama!! Love their infectious smiles... ;)