Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Advent Wreath

I have a confession: we don't have an Advent wreath. I've wanted one for years, but couldn't find one I liked, or didn't have the time to really shop around for one -- excuses, excuses. But now that the kids are getting old enough to start understanding what Christmas is all about, I decided enough was enough. We were definitely getting an Advent wreath this year!

And the online browsing began. I searched countless websites for one that I liked until I stumbled upon this tutorial. 

I had a mini epiphany. It's so cute, and felt with burlap is completely appropriate for a household filled with young children. My heart was set on it. So two days and dozens of hot glue gun burns later, it was done.

Last night at dinner we lit the candles on a Morrison family Advent wreath for the first time:

The kids were entranced. They didn't understand why we didn't light all four candles tonight, but they'll start to figure it out over the next week or so. I am excited and relieved to start sharing the real meaning of Christmas with all three of them!

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Anonymous said...

Love your Advent Wreath! Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas.