Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Whew! We're better -- I think -- assuming there isn't some kind of relapse. Over twenty-four hours now, vomit-free. To celebrate, CC actually got dressed for the first time in three days. And we took a walk to get some fresh air. Aaaah. Mommy was going a little stir-crazy.

To help distract the kids from how miserable they've felt these last few days, we've been letting them watch a little TV. This is a change from the norm around here, but it seemed to really help them calm down, rest on the couch (tucked in with a pillow and blanket), and be slightly less unhappy. Unfortunately, now CC apparently thinks it's her God-given right to watch TV whenever she wants. There have already been several tantrums about it today, but hopefully in another day or so, we will be back in the swing of things.

Tomorrow she'll be back at school and Sweet Pea and Little Man will go to the gym and the library. We hope to reschedule two playdates we had to cancel this week due to sickness. And slowly, slowly, the gears of our normal schedule will begin to turn.

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