Monday, February 9, 2015

Renovation Week 1

So, week 1 of construction at our house is done. I decided to post weekly pictures of the progress, and part of me shudders to think of just how many of these weekly updates I'll be posting! But on the other hand, I'm thrilled to think of the house we'll have when we're done. We're upgrading from 3 bedrooms and a bonus room to 5 bedrooms, and from 2.5 bathrooms to 3.5 bathrooms. This project is a major undertaking, but it will give us a house we can comfortably live in for at least 10 more years.

The most obvious change, from the outside of the house:
a large dormer. Note that you can see clear through
the house -- right out the missing roof in the back!

This gives you an idea of how the dormer will affect the entire look of the house.
Isn't the dumpster lovely? (It should be gone in another week or so.)
The missing roof in the back of the house. The roofline here will
completely change, making room for a new (large) bedroom underneath it,
which CC will eventually share with Sweet Pea.

The view from inside, underneath that big tarp. This will be
the new room for the girls. It will be narrow but long.

The new hallway, with the bedroom off to the left,
and MJ's new office/workout room to the right.
At the end will be a large storage closet for me.

It's hard to see, but this will be MJ's new room, which will feature
the large dormer window currently being constructed. Work is
proceeding around MJ's treadmill, which was too difficult to move!

We were blessed with clear weather last week, so a lot of progress was made. Unfortunately, it's raining today, so there isn't much the workers can do. I'm hoping the weather clears up soon!

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Pleasance Faast said...

The renovation seems to be going well, and I can see how great things are going to be! It really made a huge impact on the look of the house, especially from the outside. I can’t wait to see it all finished! I bet the girls are excited for their new room, and that MJ can't wait for her new office/workout room. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us. Have a great day!

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roofing