Saturday, April 30, 2016

Five-Year Checkup

Another year, another checkup. And I was happily surprised to realize that this is the first time CC's seen her pediatrician since her four-year checkup. Thank the Lord for healthy kids!

The kids played doctor while waiting for the doctor. And in case anyone's wondering if it's really fun to bring three little kiddos to a clinic and coop them up in a tiny exam room -- no, not especially.

CC did great during the checkup. She chatted the doctor's ears off, and was relieved to hear that there would be no shots this year.

She weighs 35 pounds (17th percentile) and is 3 ft, 4.25 inches tall (12th percentile). She's getting proportionally smaller every year! But she's a healthy, sturdy little tyke who is giving us no reasons to worry.

This year, CC's doctor filled out the kindergarten health screening form during the checkup. So for the first time, CC had her hearing tested. She did not pass -- ugh! The doctor is pretty sure it's an anomaly, but we need to bring her back in a month to get it re-tested. I'm not too concerned, because CC is doing very well in preschool and at home is showing no signs of struggling to hear.

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