Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, CC!

I've always told CC that the definition of a "big kid" was someone who was at least five. Five-year-olds go to elementary school. Five-year-olds have left behind all the vestiges of toddlerhood. Five-year-olds are strong, big, take charge of playgrounds, yell at the top of their lungs, fight their parents for every ounce of independence, and are ready to take on the world.

CC is five now. How is that possible!?

She's a princess who's obsessed with pink, anything glittery, ballerinas and brides. She's fiercely opinionated, over-the-top dramatic and highly emotional.

At long last, after five years, she has learned the benefits of physical affection. She asks to cuddle now; she frequently climbs into my lap to snuggle her face into my neck and rest; she hugs without prompting and tells me she loves me. After her years of resisting closeness, it's wonderful.

She's thinning out and evolving into a grown child before my eyes. I marvel at her body. How can this lithe beauty be the chunky baby and toddler I knew? 

Her favorite activities are drawing, coloring, painting and anything arts-related. She loves her friends passionately and begs to have playdates with them daily. She will meet another child and tell me minutes later that they are "best friends"; more concerningly, she has no sense of "stranger danger."

The typical oldest child, she likes to think of herself as an adult. She parrots what we say, sometimes days afterwards. With her siblings, she is dominant and prefers to direct all the play; she's full of ideas: "Hey guys! Let's do this!" Lately she's been begging me to just drop her off at the front door of her preschool, and she'll walk herself to class (absolutely not).

She's decided that she dislikes PB&J and mac n cheese (except, to my chagrin, Kraft in the blue box). Her favorite foods are fruits, frozen green beans, broccoli, and -- to MJ's disgust -- cold cheese-and-mayonnaise sandwiches.

Today, for the first time (and hopefully the last time until she's off on her own), I am not with her on her birthday. But I'm thinking of her all day! It's a day full of emotional ups and downs, and I'll focus on her birthday to keep myself smiling. Tomorrow will be a day of presents, cake, singing and candles.

Aah, CC. You're a handful and a half, but you're exceptional. You're everything I dreamed a child of ours could be, and more. I am thrilled to be on this ride with you. Who knows what the future will bring? Happy birthday, sweetie!

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