Monday, April 11, 2016


"CC, what kind of treat do you want me to bring to your class for your birthday next week? Cookies? Mini cupcakes? Doughnuts?"

"Well, Clara's allergic to wheat and eggs. Don't those have wheat and eggs in them?"

"Yes, but I think your teachers have special treats for Clara."

"She can have rice krispie treats. Can you bring rice krispie treats for my birthday?"

"Yes, but sweetie, you don't like rice krispie treats!"

"It's okay, I'll eat one for my birthday. I want Clara to be able to eat the same thing as everyone else."

Heart. Melting. 

CC has become so sweet and attuned to other people's feelings in the last year! It humbles me sometimes. Despite her occasional tantrums and bratty-sister behavior, she is truly considerate and amazingly affectionate. She covers me with unexpected kisses and tells everyone that she loves them. I pray this behavior continues -- it's beautiful!

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