Sunday, June 5, 2016

Date Night

Last night, CC had a very special treat: she stayed up late and came with me to Emily's dance recital (Emily is the daughter of our much-loved babysitter, Miss Julie). Julie and Emily came to CC's recital a few weeks ago, and I knew CC would love to see Emily and the other "big girls" dance.

I told CC that we were going somewhere special after dinner, just the two of us, but I didn't tell her where. When we were on our way and I told her our destination, she squealed and yelled, "I thought maybe we were going for ice cream. This is WAY BETTER!"

We sat right next to Julie, and CC peppered her with questions the entire time. After Emily's first number, a jazz routine, Julie went backstage to help Emily change costumes -- and took CC with her! So CC got to see hundreds of dancers getting ready, all the costumes and tutus and props and enough sequins to glaze her eyes over. CC was in heaven.

We left after Emily's second number (tap, with a short solo by Emily), but by then we'd seen about 30 dance routines. For two hours, she sat still in her seat, mesmerized by all the dancing. Unlike her own recital (which was only the 4-5 year olds, doing ballet or tap), this revue included toddlers up to high schoolers, and all types of dance. CC has now been introduced to hip-hop, lyrical, jazz and pointe. Hip hop was quite the eye-opener, let me tell you! I'm not sure I've recovered yet from watching 6-year-olds twerk.

CC has decided that this should become an annual tradition: just her and me. I can't complain; it was a very enjoyable evening!

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