Monday, July 18, 2016

Brien's Birthday Bash

Last weekend we hosted a family reunion of sorts for MJ's family, and celebrated Brien's birthday. Despite the heat, the struggles of our air conditioner and a leak in Brien's air mattress, the weekend was a success! 

We had an amazing turnout (21 of us!). Everyone except one cousin of MJ's made it, and it was great to see them all again. Even Brian, Kelly, Abby and Anna made it from Chicago, so all our kids' cousins on MJ's side were together.

We had a party on Friday with everyone here at the house, then went to a local museum Saturday morning (which was amazingly handicapped-friendly!). In the afternoon, Uncle Jim took Brien for a ride in his convertible, and we went to a great dinner on Saturday evening. Both afternoons we swam at Alice's pool, so we stayed cool and had a blast.

I am so impressed that everyone was able to make it. It meant the world to Brien, who has been talking about it for month and will continue to talk about it forever! For Brien to be surrounded by all his siblings and their families means more than I could ever say, and it's an extra bonus that we were able to spend time with everyone too!

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