Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birthday Recap

Sweet Pea and Little Man woke up on their birthday by yelling "I'M FOUR!" and running downstairs for breakfast. Daddy came home early from work so we could open presents, and they were ecstatic with the garbage truck (Little Man), gold sparkly light-up shoes (Sweet Pea), and a bubble machine with lots of bubble toys (both).

MJ and I gave them a giant fire/police station, some new trains, and a kids' microphone that can connect to an MP3 player (which CC has basically stolen to fuel her rock star dreams).

We went to their favorite restaurant for dinner, although Sweet Pea and Little Man were very firm with the server that they wanted him to "bring the cake quietly" and not sing or bang the birthday gong. 

Then we measured them on our Morrison Family Growth Chart:

Little Man was almost 40 inches, which makes him just a hair shorter than what CC measured on her 5th birthday -- four months ago. And Sweet Pea was 38 inches, a half inch taller than CC was at the same age!

All in all, another successful birthday. 

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