Monday, August 15, 2016

Circus Circus!

Sweet Pea and Little Man celebrated their 4th birthday with a fun circus bash on Saturday. We all had a great time! (And with the exception of the painted decorations, it was the easiest party yet for me to plan and prepare for.)

I've been wanting to do a circus party for a while now, but I waited until this year because several months ago, we took the kids to the circus for the first time. Now that they've actually experienced a circus, we were full speed ahead for the circus party!

The cake, made by my mom, was the centerpiece. I love it! The animals were adorable, and the miniature Sweet Pea and Little Man peeking out were perfect right down to their hairstyles (note that Sweet Pea was actually wearing a red bow on top of her head during the party -- a complete coincidence!).

All the decorations were yellow and red. A huge thank-you to Grandma, who shipped us the awesome circus train that used to be MJ's. The kids have been playing with it non-stop!

The clown noses were a particular hit.

The "prizes" (favors) were plastic popcorn tubs filled with circus peanuts, clown noses, and animal crackers. Simple and inexpensive, but I love how they turned out!

I tried to make a cute veggie tray that looked like a clown ...

... but I think it ended up looking more like Beaker!

I painted three large boards for outdoor decorations. Little Man's favorite was the clown face bean bag toss. 

Sweet Pea made the perfect strong man!

And CC -- naturally -- loved the lion tamer in her pink leotard.

I also had a duck pond, but the fishing poles kept getting tangled. It was a mess, but the kids had fun.

Fortunately, the bounce house is always a big hit!

Aunt Karen wins the award for best gift wrapping. I wonder what this is?!

My parents win the award for most shrieking elicited by a gift:

Grandpa wins the award for traveling the greatest distance to come to the party. We're so glad he was there!

And the final big thank-you goes to my dad, who helped me get up on a ladder and hang the horse swing. And who also fixed the strong man and the lion tamer when they kept falling down. 

Another great party down! Now, the countdown to the big day ...

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