Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drivin' On

Now that the twins are four and CC is five, don't you think it's time that they were facing forward in their car seats?

They do, too. We've talked about it off and on over the last year or so, and I've always said that I'd turn them around when Little Man and Sweet Pea were four. So the morning after their birthday, I got up early and switched the seats around. And I didn't tell them. When it was time for us to run some errands, I casually told them all to get in the car. 

And then I followed them into the garage with my camera recording a video of their reaction.

Which I will not bother posting here. Because it just consisted of them saying, "Oh, you turned our seats around."

I was so underwhelmed! And, apparently, so were they.

But once we got in the car and started driving, they were amazed. "MOMMY! WE CAN SEE WHERE WE'RE GOING! MOMMY! WE JUST WENT THROUGH A GREEN LIGHT!"

I can't wait for them to start criticizing my driving.

For the record, CC is now behind the passenger seat, where it will be easiest for her to get in and out for kindergarten carpool. And since preschool carpool is on the driver's side, it works perfectly.

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