Saturday, September 10, 2016

First Tooth

Finally, after ten interminable days, this tooth decided to come out! MJ and I had no idea it would take this long, but we're glad it's finally out. CC was getting to be a bit ridiculous about what foods she could eat, and how to brush her teeth, and even how I should rock her at night with a loose tooth.

Everyone was in bed yesterday evening, and all of a sudden we heard CC knocking at her door. I went up to investigate, and there she was, standing proudly with tooth in hand.

She was nervous about the tooth fairy getting too close while she slept, so she hung her tooth fairy pillow on her doorknob instead of putting it under her pillow. And not on the inside doorknob, either -- on the outside. I'm sure the tooth fairy was more than happy to complete this transaction in the hallway.

This morning, CC was thrilled to see that there were two gold dollar coins waiting for her in lieu of the tooth. We took her to Dollar Tree, where she picked out a rainbow-colored tiara and a little play cosmetics kit.

Tonight, after we put everyone to bed, we relaxed on the couch, relieved the tooth saga was over. Then we heard CC yelling in her room. MJ went up to investigate. After a few minutes, he came back downstairs. 

"What did she want?" I asked him.

"She has another loose tooth."

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