Thursday, September 22, 2016

Labor Day Festival

On Labor Day, we went to a surprisingly large festival in a nearby suburb. There was a car and motorcycle show, bounce houses, rides, tons of food, vendor with freebies, pony rides, a petting zoo, arts and crafts ... I was amazed! 

The kids saw and sat in a car from 1923. (CC loved it because it looked a little bit like a Cinderella coach.)

Little Man jumped at the opportunity to ride a pony again, and got a kick out of the pony's name: Hank. Little Man was full of smiles while riding ... except when I took a picture.

CC surprised us all by actually getting on a pony this time! In the past she's always talked a big game, but has chickened out at the last minute. But she told me afterwards, "Now I know I like riding ponies, so I'll want to ride them all the time!"

Sweet Pea preferred horses of the carousel variety.

After sharing some chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, it was time to head home. We missed the parade, but we'll hit it for sure next year. I think this will become a Labor Day tradition with the Morrisons!

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