Thursday, November 3, 2016

Visit from Memere

My mom spent last week with us while my dad was hiking in the mountains (taking one of his test hikes before he tackles the entire Appalachian Trail next year). We missed seeing him, but it was great to have my mom here for a week!

She packed in a ton of activities with the kids. She surprised CC at school with Chick Fil A and had lunch with her in the cafeteria. She was the Mystery Reader in Sweet Pea and Little Man's class. She attended the preschool costume parade, brought the kids to a birthday party, watched the twins' gymnastics class, and ran countless errands with me. She even gave me and MJ two date nights!

I loved having her here for a totally normal week -- we weren't getting ready to host a big holiday, or running around for a birthday party. It was just regular, hanging-out time spent with our family, and it was wonderful.

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