Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Concert

Unfortunately, Little Man was sick (caught it from CC, although thankfully it was short-lived) so he didn't participate. But Sweet Pea was absolutely adorable in the front row, singing her heart out.

MJ said it was obvious when she spotted me in the crowd, because she beamed from head to toe!

And although she had cried that morning when she realized Little Man wasn't coming to school with her, she rallied and put on a great performance at the concert.

I can't wait until next year, when she and Little Man are in Transitional Kindergarten, dress up as the main nativity characters, and sing a song just with their class. I'll get an even better view, and if it's half as precious as this year's show, I'll be on cloud nine.

After the performance, the parents were invited back to the classroom for a little party, where Sweet Pea (and Little Man) gave us the Christmas presents they'd made -- handprint Christmas trees. I love that CC made one of these last year, so now I have a set of three.

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