Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lamb's Friends

CC has never had an imaginary friend. But her favorite stuffed animal, Lamb, has several. CC refers to them simply as "Lamb's Friends." We have no idea how many there are, what species they are, or how old they are. Lamb's Friends are a collective unit that serves many of CC's purposes.

Lamb's Friends get to do many things that CC can't do. They can stay up late, watch movies whenever they want, eat dessert all day, drive cars. Sometimes they are teenagers; sometimes they are babies. They have birthdays weekly.

Lamb's Friends are also to blame for many things that CC gets unfairly accused of. They mess up her room, misbehave at church, cause her to yell at her siblings or distract her from eating dinner.

But last week Lamb's Friends did something absolutely adorable. They wrote me a note.

I guess Lamb's Friends aren't all bad.

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hank walker said...

Precious - both note and CC