Sunday, March 19, 2017

Memere and Pepere Visit!

Last week, MJ had to take a business trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas. During March Madness. He "had" to. Biggest boondoggle ever! But he had a good time, and I'm glad. Awesome restaurants, lazing around at a cabana watching basketball all day, getting a massage at a seriously high-end spa. He even went hiking at Red Rock Canyon, which he said was pretty spectacular. I'm a bit jealous.

But never fear! We had a great time too. Memere and Pepere came to visit, and we had a blast. They picked the kids up from school, took CC to ballet, and treated them all to new St Patrick's Day books. My mom and I had a really special morning on Friday making necklaces together at a cool local beading store, while my dad took Sweet Pea and Little Man to a playground and Krispy Kreme.

Twins: Let's go through the drive-thru!
Pepere: Sure, if you guys know what kind of doughnut you want.
Little Man: I want the kind with the hole in it.
Sweet Pea: I want the kind that Mommy likes.
Pepere: We're going inside!

Even better, on Saturday we were able to meet Patrick and Karen with Bryson and Braxton, and we all had a nice lunch together. Cheers for impromptu get-togethers!

Check out our new necklaces! My mom used jade beads from a broken necklace that belonged to her sister, Sue, and mixed them up with pewter-looking beads. It's gorgeous, and special, too.

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