Sunday, April 9, 2017

Butterfly Release

This year, the kids named their caterpillars, and we dutifully watched as each little squirmy worm made his chrysalis. We even got to watch Rainbow make hers, which I'd never seen before: about 15 minutes of spastic gyrations as she slowly lost her "fuzz" and hardened into a shell-covered cocoon.

About a week later, Hashtag Hanna greeted us in butterfly form one morning. We kept a close eye on Rainbow and Imperial Walker, but unfortunately when Rainbow hatched out of her chrysalis, her wings were crumpled and she never recovered. Sweet Pea was sad, but CC did a nice job of consoling her and immediately declared that she would share Hashtag Hanna with her sister.

We let the butterflies loose this afternoon. Despite all her big talk (AGAIN!), CC was too nervous to let a butterfly sit on her finger. Little Man was all about it, though.

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