Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fun Run 2017

Last week CC's school held its annual fundraiser. For the last two weeks, they've been having pep rallies, handing out prizes, getting the kids excited, and sending them home to beg for pledges. Ha! Thank you to everyone who contributed -- she was thrilled to win a frisbee, an eraser, two tops and several bracelets.

The actual run was really cute. They had the parking lot set up just like an adult race: music blasting, banners everywhere, tents, water stations, and even a giant inflatable tunnel for them all to run through. CC was lucky enough to be the "Special Monkey Helper" that day, so she carried the class flag and led the Marvelous Monkeys out onto the track.

Bonus: it was also "Crazy Sock Day," hence her bright and mismatched socks.

She completed 40 (extremely small) laps, gave tons of high-fives, drank about 15 cups of water, and was full of smiles.

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