Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Morrisons Do Pittsburgh

Last weekend, we traveled en masse to Pittsburgh to celebrate our godson Patrick's First Holy Communion. And of course, that entailed seeing some of the sights of Pittsburgh, and spending lots of time with the dearly loved Pohl family.

Phase I: the Pittsburgh Zoo. 

We braved the cold and headed to the zoo, hoping the chilly weather meant the animals would be especially active. Not so! Most were hiding from us. But the polar bears more than made up for it -- the exhibit offers a tunnel underneath the water, where you can watch them swimming. And they were very active! We could have stayed down there all day.

Phase II: Patrick's First Communion.

It was a lovely ceremony, and Patrick was perfect. What a special moment to witness! I was so happy that their parish allowed the First Communicants to sit with their families, so we could all be together.

Phase III: the Fox Chapel Fire Station.

Uncle Tom is a volunteer fire fighter there, so he gave us an awesome behind-the-scenes tour of the station. He let us crawl all over all the trucks, ride in one of them, and even climb up one of the ladders! 

Thank you, Aunt Carol, Uncle Tom, Patrick, Tommy and Kaya! We had an amazing weekend that was over all too quickly. And congratulations to Patrick!

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