Sunday, May 21, 2017

CC's Recital

Yesterday was CC's annual ballet recital, and what an exciting day it was! She just lives for getting all dolled up, wearing a fancy costume, and having an adoring audience.

This year's number is quite a bit longer than last year's, because her class incorporated a line of tumbling into the dance number (yes, we were that class). I apologize! This year's number was also much more ambitious than last year's, but fortunately there were high school dancers on the sides of the stage who the girls could follow.

(Direct link to video:

Next year CC has been invited to take a ballet technique class, Ballet 1. It's 1st-3rd graders, so CC will be one of the youngest. But it will be a more structured, focused class. Her teacher and I both think she'll love it, because she gets a little irritated when the girls in her current class goof off. She is very excited to be a "big girl ballet dancer"!


Carol said...

Kaya says, "I think you did a great job doing ballet. I love you. I hope you come to our pool." That about covers everything.

Morrisons said...