Thursday, May 25, 2017

That's a Wrap!

Can you believe it was Sweet Pea and Little Man's last day of school today?

We celebrated with a preschool-wide picnic lunch, in the gym due to rain. They were (almost) too excited to eat, and couldn't wait to start running around with their friends and hugging their teachers.

And afterwards, one of their preschool friends invited the whole class over for a mega-awesome party. Complete with this giant inflatable waterslide.

Little Man wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Sweet Pea went down once, came out crying, and was done with the water slide. But they still had a blast with water balloons, snacks, bubbles and general four-year-old craziness.

Direct link to video:

What a year it's been! Their first year of preschool was a huge success, thanks to such nurturing teachers and sweet friends. Sweet Pea and Little Man are sad that the school year is over, but they're already looking forward to September. Fortunately, about half their class will continue on to transitional kindergarten with them next year!

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Holliday5 said...

I don't blame her, that was a rough landing!!