Friday, June 9, 2017

School's Out For Summer!

And CC's done with kindergarten! First grade, here she comes!

In honor of the last day of school, today her class is having a slumber party. Everyone is wearing pajamas, bringing their favorite special guy, watching movies and eating popcorn! I'll come by this afternoon with Sweet Pea and Little Man for the end-of-year party, where the kids will make ice cream sundaes and sign each other's class pictures and yearbooks.

This has been a wonderful year for CC, a great introduction to elementary school. Her teacher was loving and kind; the staff and administration knew her name within the first few weeks (shocking for a school of 800+); CC looked forward to school every day, and she excelled academically. What else could I want in an elementary school? CC is hoping for a specific 1st grade teacher, but we won't find out until August.

In the meantime ... let's do summer!

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