Saturday, July 8, 2017

Schedule Changes

We've implemented a few changes to our normal family routine recently, and I've been pretty pleased with how things are going.

Most notably, I've started serving dinner at 6:30 every night, in the hopes that MJ will be home in time to eat with us. That means the kids have their baths and get their pajamas on before dinner, and end up going to bed around 7:15. Fortunately now that they're a little older, they can handle a later bedtime. So far, MJ has been home in time every single night! And I'm also just cooking one meal each night -- they eat what we eat. It's been a little bit of a challenge to come up with a good rotation of meals that we all enjoy, but it's been working. My mama heart could just cry, I'm so happy! We're finally eating as a family, around our table, every night.

The other big change is probably the kids' favorite: Friday night slumber parties! Every time we travel, they all share a room, and they're so excited to be together that it's a disaster. Case in point: when we were in Connecticut last month, the first night they didn't fall asleep until 1:15 am, and they were awake again at 5:30! 

So to get them more used to being together occasionally (and to have some fun!), I decided to try weekly "sleepovers." The first week, they chose CC's room, and were pretty poorly behaved, but asleep by 9:30. Second week: twins' room, better behavior, out cold by 9. Third week: twins' room again, borderline behavior, out by 9:15. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess!

I snuck in to get a picture of them all sleeping, and even the flash going off didn't phase them.

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