Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Soccer

Alas, our soccer season is over. The kids have so much fun every summer!

Sweet Pea and Little Man were on their own team this year, although occasionally there was a combined session. Sweet Pea is a very good listener, and has quick feet. She has a great attitude and was always the first to do anything her coach asked.

Little Man was definitely the best soccer player in his age group. He would be halfhearted during the exercises and games, but when it was "jersey time" he turned on like a light bulb. Whenever there was a little scrimmage, he usually scored all the points. Other four-year-olds just don't know what to do when there's a little Godzilla running right over them! We alternated between cheering him on and telling him to take it easy.

This year we noticed a huge increase in Little Man's competitive drive. He's at his happiest when he can push, run over, and steal from other people -- and not get reprimanded. Considering he'll never play football, soccer is about as good as it gets for him!

CC isn't the most competitive child; MJ and I have known that for a while. But she was happy going to soccer every week; she loved her coach and another girl on the team (hugs every time), and she learned a few new things.

The kids are getting towards the end of Soccer Shots, which is great for little kids, but we're probably ready for some more structure and actual games. MJ and I have until next summer to find a co-ed junior soccer program!

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