Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Twins' Party

Splish splash! We had a blast at Sweet Pea and Little Man's water party last weekend!

Check out the awesome cake my mom made:  

There's a little bit of all their favorite things included! Sweet Pea loves rainbows, and she's wearing a yellow bathing suit with a tiny Volkswagon Beetle on it. Little Man has a TIE fighter on his bathing suit, and he's wearing a blue shirt (his favorite). How cute!

Outside, the kids played on the water slide, threw water balloons, crawled all over the swing set, and squirted water guns. I think everyone agreed that it was a lot of fun. 


The rest of the weekend was equally fun. Memere was the official Lego helper, spending loads of time with Sweet Pea and Little Man, working on their new creations. 

The kids gave each other their presents. CC gifted a set of fake, decorated nails to Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea was not interested ... so guess who got to enjoy them? (I'm pretty sure that was CC's plan all along.)

And we measured the birthday kids. Guess what? Little Man is taller on his 5th birthday than CC was on her 6th. It's official -- he's the tallest Morrison kid AND the youngest Morrison kid.

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