Thursday, September 14, 2017

Five-Year Checkups

Look at these two healthy monkeys! They were nervous about their checkups until I reassured them that there would be no shots. Then they were more than happy to run in the exam room and chat the pediatrician's ear off!

Little Man is quite a bit smaller than he was last year, proportionally. He's 17th percentile for weight (36.5 pounds) and 28th percentile in height (42 inches). This is down from 40th and 53rd percentiles, respectively, but I'm not very surprised. Little Man doesn't get height genes from either side of the family!

Sweet Pea's brief size burst last year was a statistical anomaly, apparently. This year she's back to her standard numbers: 5th percentile in weight (32 pounds) and 16th percentile in height (40 inches). This is down quite a bit from last September when she was a whopping 32nd percentile in height. Hey, she's happy and healthy, so I'm not complaining! Who cares that she's still wearing some size 2-3 clothes?

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